It’s been 11 days..!


It’s been 11 days that I am following the Paleo Diet without cheating.

What benefits did I notice yet? Well I do have more energy, sleep better, my piliary keratosis (on my arms) vanished in only 5 days, weird thing I also noticed that I sweat less and that somehow it does not smell anymore..? Weird but very welcome “side advantage”.

Unfortunately my rosacea is NOT better… I have really excited the first week because it seamed to be getting better but suddenly it got worse.

I had to renew my Swiss and my Portuguese passport so I had to put make up two days in a row (I did not want to look at my passport picture for the next 10 years and see the state of my skin) but it did make it MUCH worse…

I also got tempted by a stupid “natural mask” that a nicely inteded friend gave to me saying it was miraculous but it was the worse for me..! Silly silly silly me, I knew I should NOT put any products on. I am grateful that people are nice and try to give me products but by now I should have learned, I react to almost everything.

I also have been under a lot of stress because of my MD thesis deadliness and personal things and for sure it does not help…

If I have to be honest I have been a bit depressed, it’s really hard to stand peoples look… When I talk to someone I see that they look down on my chin and it makes me feel sad.

Also every time I see myself in the mirror… I wish it would just go away overnight but it’s impossible. I am very grateful that it is “only” a skin problem and not a life threathening disease, but now I really understand why in med school they told us that acne and other skin problems really impact your self-estime..!

Last week in the metro the was even a little girl that pointed to me and said ” Mumy, why does this lady have a “sickness” on the chin?” I did not get upset. It’s just a little girl, and it’s a good question that I have been asking myself for a long time. But it still hurt…

I have to be strong and keep not putting make up on but it’s hard. I also feel like a fraud as an MD if I look “ill” or “not clean”. Would you trust a doctor that has a skin problem?

Well, I just cannot control it and I am doing everything I can to get better, exactly by trying the Paleo diet.

I went to see my dermatologist, he actually was interested in the Paleo diet when I told him about it, he said that he really believes that food is linked with the type of skin problem I have. When I saw the state of my skin he said “Oh Dear, poor you!”, he was going to put me on the antibiotics again but after talking, we did a deal.

I will stick with the Paleo diet until the 22th of August and then, if I am still not better I can always start the antibiotics to not be depressed because “I look like a monster” on my wedding day (yes, someone said I looked like a monster to me lately, that really hurt too…).

I have to be courageous and not care about other peoples look on me, and my own look on myself (it is probably the worse one). I have to be strong.

I also have to somehow find time to meditate like I used to and do some exercise. Because Paleo is not only food and if all I do is the Diet and I stress a lot, of course I cannot get better..!

If I could, I would just quit my MD thesis and just relax, read, exercice and be in the present moment. But it’s to late to give up and silly to do it now after almost two years of effort..

I have to be strong..!


I hope that I can come cured out of this and not only cured but empowered and a women, a future mum and wife and ALSO a future MD. Because if this really works and is good, I for sure will change the way I do medicine!



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