Here is my first portuguese PALEO recipe!


Today is the third day that I am eating Paleo for real. I did not see a change on my skin yet, but that is perfectly normal, no treatment, even aggressive ones work that fast!

I did already notice an improvement in my energy, digestion and mood. That alone motivates me to continue this experiment!

I was used to feeling hungry and feeling low blood sugar levels symptoms that made me want to snack and eat between meals (and made me even be AGGRRESSSIVVE sometimes!). Since I never felt concerned about my weight and just labeled myself as a “high metabolism” person I assumed it was normal to feel like that and it just meant “needed sugar or to eat more than other people”-

What a difference when I tried my FIRST REAL paleo breakfast (left-over meat, the amazing coconut puding and a banana). I ate at 7 am and I only felt hungry at 14h00..! This really is a first for me and even if I don’t care about how much I eat it’s great not too feel like a slave from “low sugar or hunger” mood swings!

So here is my FIRST PALEO PORTUGUESE recipe for you. You can download the pdf with all the details on how to make it here (and extra pictures). It’s “carne de porco assada com massa de pimentao” or roasted pork fillet with capsicum paste. Had it with veggies and chestnuts.

IMG_2148First Portuguese Paleo

Look, my cucruma gave me an encouraging sign when I was annoyed the bottle was finished, in the form of an heart shape!


Here is our chili and basil and other herbs “plantation”:


Here is the cute little “portuguese basil” plant that I brought over from Santo Antonio (St Anthony) celebration in Lisbon (13th of June we celebrate St Anthony in Lisbon and eat lots of yummy healthy grilled sardines! = PALEO).


Here is the link to the awesome coconut pudding I found on this great blog:

Instead of using the cups, as I think it is so annoying to use cups to measure honey (it sticks everywhere and you loose half of the honey) I juts put 4 tablespoons of honey and it tastes great! Next time I even will use 2 tablespoons. I was not able to find grass-fed gelatin in Switzerland tough…


I also discovered that when I miss chocolate (I am really a chocolate addict and live in THE CHOCOLATE country by definition!!!) I can just mix one avocado in a food processor with a little bit of honey and raw pure cocoa powder. Tastes great! (my dream would be to make paleo chocolate one day!)

Hope you enjoy my portuguese paleo recipe! I will keep searching for Portuguese PALEO recipes in these awesome cookbooks my mum gave me:


I also want to thank KK (she will recognize herself). She is MY FOODIE friend “par excellence” and of course one my bridesmaid. she came to visit me from abroad and even if it is OUR TRADITION to go eat dumplings in our favorite Chinese restaurant every time we reunite, she understood about me wanting to try paleo and we both skipped the dumplings and the rice. Guess what?! For once we tried a new dish and ate really well and felt great and went back to my place walking (instead of feeling like would be easier to roll downhill!)

E obrigada mano por me teres motivado e por me teres mostrado como fazer este blog!

So far so good!

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